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CRACOW 2024 Queer Choir Summer Festival

Dear LEGATO members,

On behalf of KRAKOFONIA, the LGBTQ+ choir of Cracow, I have the greatest pleasure to invite you to the QUEER CHOIR SUMMER FESTIVAL - the first ever LGBTQ+ choir festival in Eastern Europe.

KRAKOFONIA celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and for that reason we want to do something special for the community. We acknowledge that the LGBTQ+ choir movement in Eastern Europe is still dormant, and we want to change that.

Our mission is to shine a spotlight on the LGBTQ+ community and raise awareness about the unfair treatment we face in the Central-Eastern Europe region. Unfortunately, most CEE countries are lagging behind in the race to create a tolerant environment for the LGBTQ+ community, with legal and policy human rights in the bottom half compared to other European countries. We also want to network, exchange knowledge and build lasting relationships that will help us hold similar events in the future.

We plan to hold this special event between 15-18 AUGUST in CRACOW, POLAND. It is going to be packed with performances, workshops and social events. So far choirs from the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Poland have confirmed they'd join us, but we are still open for guests. If you and your choir would like to support our mission by attending in the event, please contact me at festival@krakofonia.org for more details (Spaces are limited, so don't think too long!).

If you can't attend, but you like the idea, and you want to support it, you can help us by making a donation:

"Queer Choir Summer Festival - Cracow 2024"

Any amount matters to us, and we will be extremely grateful for your support!

Best wishes from Poland!


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